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How to avoid tarnish on sterling silver

Sterling silver is a gorgeous and durable metal which, if taken care of, can be worn for a life time.  One of the main issues with silver is tarnish.  Here are some tips to avoid tarnish: Avoid exposure to the elements:   Tarnish is a reaction to silver with other elements.  It will tarnish if you  wear it while showering, swimming, cleaning, etc.  There is a chemical reaction with the silver and chemicals such as bleach and chlorine in the water.  In order to avoid tarnish,avoid wearing silver and allowing it to come into contact with any liquids. How to remove tarnish: Silver cleaners come in the form of paste or a dip.  They can contain harsh chemicals. We recommend using them only as a last resort. They can strip and damage gemstones.  First, wipe off as much tarnish as you can with a simple polishing cloth.  If you are using a dip, take bowl and put some of the silver polishing dip into the bowl.  Be sure to protect your hands as these chemicals are very harmful.  Take the jewelry and dip it in, but DO NOT LET SOAK.  Extended exposure can seriously damage your jewelry.    If you are using a paste, take a soft brush and rub the paste in a straight line.  Avoid using circular motion to avoid scratches.  For either dip or paste, remove the polish solution with a cloth.  Rinse under cold running water.  If you do not thoroughly remove the solution it will dry white.  Buff with a soft cloth to give it shine. Storage: Before storing your silver jewelry, you should dry it with a professional polishing cloth.  Store your items in a cool, dry place.  You can store them in sealed baggies, which prevents scratching and exposure to air that can speed up tarnish.  You can also use jewelry boxes available in stores that are lined with tarnish free cloth.  This will keep you pieces in beautiful condition.  You can also purchase anti tarnish paper which can be stored with the jewelry to help avoid tarnish.