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What kind of diamonds do we offer?

At TwoBirch, we offer exceptional quality from start to finish. We use innovative technology to keep ahead of all the trends in designing and manufacturing wedding rings, guards and wraps. All of our diamonds are conflict free and we adhere to the Kimberly process. One of the areas we are proudest to talk about is in regards to the kinds of diamonds we offer in all of product, but more specifically in our Solitaire Ring Wraps. The diamonds used in our wedding rings and jacket rings are G to H in color and I1 in clarity. G to H in clarity means that all of the diamonds we offer are near colorless. You will not see "yellow" in them when you look at them. They are I1 in clarity, which means that they don’t have inclusions. It must be said though, that based on our tight and strict quality standards, our I1's are more than likely graded as SI by most other people's standards. We do not take quality lightly and therefore grade based on the strictest standards in the industry. Finally, our diamonds are precision cut. This means that the facets are perfectly cut in each stone and the angles are the perfect proportions to reflect light perfectly. Our diamonds could practically be considered ideal cut, that's how perfectly cut they are!