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3 things to consider when buying a Ring Wrap

Obviously a ring wrap should be carefully selected and customized to fit your ring. How will you find the right ring wrap to best fit your ring?

  • Perfect fit for your Engagement Ring TwoBirch has over 25 years of experience in not only designing, but making jewelry. This means that we have third generation jewelers with experience in the perfect ring wrap. First, we are experts in fitting ring wraps to a client's engagement ring. When buying a ring wrap, there is nothing more important that how it fits with the engagement ring.

  • Experience Matters TwoBirch.com has a team of jewelers specialized in customizing ring wraps to your engagement ring. After all, you can find a wrap you love, but if it does not fit your engagement ring, you won't be happy. You need to go to the experts in fitting. With a team of expert jewelers and 25 plus years of experience TwoBirch can certainly make you the perfect bridal set.

  • Amazing wide selection of Ring Wraps In addition, the selection at www.twobirch.com by far is bigger than the selection in any other retail store or even online. Styles range from cathedral and traditional to vintage and three stone, even with an Irish twist, offering the Claddagh ring wrap. The selection of metals and stones is unbeatable. You can choose any style and it's available in silver, 10 karat, 14 karat, platinum, or palladium, in any color including white, yellow or rose. Also, there is a huge variation of stone types available. Basically if you want to buy the best, you need to go to the best. When it comes to where to buy a ring guard, it makes perfect sense to go to www.twobirch.com.

What makes TwoBirch.com the expert in ring wraps?

Just browse through our ring wraps catalog of Ring Wraps and see for yourself.