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What is Diamonear?

Diamonear is as close to a diamond that you can get in both look and quality.   Diamonear is the cubic crystalline form of cubic zirconia dioxide.  This is the true composition of cubic zirconia in general.  Diamonear has many unique attributes that make it as close to a diamond without the expense of a genuine diamond.  Diamonear is also a major step up from your average cubic zirconia.

Diamonear is manufactured to resemble diamonds as closely as it can without actually being a diamonds.  Diamonear is perfectly cut with almost the same hardness of a diamond but a denser make up.  Diamonear has a very similar refractive index to diamonds, which about 2.2.

One of the most important facts about Diamonear is that it is machine cut and has perfect facets.  The facets in Diamonear are cut with ideal cut proportions with consistently perfect proportion each and every time.  No stone is manufactured that does not meet the strictest quality standards of the ideal cut stone.  Diamonear has ideal cut proportions including ideal symmetry and polish.

Another unique and very important attribute of Diamonear is that it is a hard material.  This means that it can withstand a lot of tough and rough wear.  It is not unbreakable, but it is very close to it!  You can wear it every day comfortably and not have to worry about how rough you are on your jewelry.  This is not to say it is as hard as a diamond, but it will withstand wear more than your average cubic zirconia.

Another major difference between Diamonear and many of its competition is that it is optically flawless.  This means that to the naked eye and even under magnification, there will be no visible inclusions.  Under a microscope, you will only see perfectly cut facets and no imperfections at all.  The same cannot be said for most diamonds under .25 carats used in jewelry.  They are typically from VS2 clarity and down to I3, meaning that they have visible inclusions.  So, for a very low price, you can actually get perfectly eye clean stones.

Diamonear is also perfectly colorless.  One of the things that most dictates the price of diamond is the color.  Colorless diamonds range from D to F color, which come at a major premium in price.  Most diamonds used as side stones in bridal jewelry are not colorless.  They start at G and go on down the alphabet.  You will be able to visibly see a brown or yellow twinge in color.  On the other hand, Diamonear is naturally colorless at a fraction of the cost of a diamond.

Diamonear is the perfect alternative to the traditional diamond.  It is a step up from the average cubic zirconia in both cut, quality and value.  Diamonear is as close to a diamond that you can get, for a fraction of the price.