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About Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is a rare precious metal. Some might even call it better than gold!

It is actually rarer than gold, but unlike gold, it is used in its pure form to make jewelry. It is most commonly used in either 95% or 92.5% purity, versus gold which is most commonly used in 58.5% (14K) purity. Platinum is a very white metal, and it is very dense, hence it is extremely long wearing and has a very distinctive white color.

Where gold can wear down, platinum bends and adjusts with wear.

Once polished, platinum has a gray-white lustrous finish. Like palladium, it does not oxidize when coming into contact with water and air. It has an incredibly high melting temperature.

Platinum is a great option for those who are allergic to gold! Due to its durable nature, platinum does not require to be rhodium plated as with white gold. Pieces made in platinum can be very pricey, because they are heavier than their gold counterparts by about 150%, and the metal is more expensive by the gram. You’ll know if your jewelry is platinum if it is marked as PLAT, PL or PL950 or PL925 on the inside of the rings. When handling the platinum ring in comparison to the 14kt or even the 18kt ring, it will be noticeably heavier.

Due to the density and corresponding weight for the ring that is made in Platinum, the Platinum ring cost would be considerably higher than a comparable gold ring. A comparable ring in platinum should average around double to cost in 14kt gold and around 30% more in 18kt.

If it fits in your budget, platinum is great option for rings. The durability is unmatched! Given its dense nature, platinum will wear and maintain its luster for generations.