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Antique Cushion Cut Jewelry

Wondering what an Antique Cushion Cut is? You aren't alone! The Antique Cushion cut is pretty different from the diamond cuts we commonly see today.

If you're looking for a classic, yet uniquely brilliant look, maybe the Cushion Cut is for you!

The old Miner cut led to the Antique Cushion Cut. This Miner cut style was designed in an era when candlelight was the main source of lighting under which diamonds were viewed. With this low lighting being the primary light source used to bring out the diamond's scintillation, the old Miner cut quickly fell out of favor by the end of the 19th century, but the Antique Cushion Cut stuck around a bit longer!

The traditional Antique Cushion Cut diamond is a timeless stunner! Starting from 1830 and lasting for over 70 years, the majority of diamonds were cut in this fashion. Being the most popular cut of its time, these can still be found on the market and in family jewelry boxes today.

The traditional cushion cut is rectangular or square “pillow" shape with rounded corners, and an open culet that can be seen when looking at the table of the diamond. Larger facets (a hefty 58, to be exact!) maximize the brilliance of the diamond under candlelight. Antique Cushion cuts are wrongly considered to be less brilliant than the modern round diamond! At Two Birch, we like to say they show their brilliance in a unique way.

Antique Cushion diamonds display a greater amount of diffusion and fire making this diamond perfect for the admirer who seeks a sophisticated yet traditional look, and for the romantics! This historical cut is notorious for its romantic, classic appeal.

Antique Cushion cuts have a significantly higher crown compared to most other stone shapes. The high crown at that angle gives the Antique Cushion an accentuating look that has an impression of a larger center stone! Its outline is clearly visible at a distance, which attracts attention wherever it is worn. This ring really sparkles.

There are several big differences between the modern, or modified cushion cut when compared to the Antique Cushion cut. When looking at an Antique Cushion Cut you see the high crown, small table, and large facets that sparkle with fire. Today's modern cushion cuts have a larger table, shallower crown and smaller facets which result in a more asymmetrical brilliance. This often gives the modified Cushion a "crushed ice" look.

Given the unique history of the Antique Cushion Cut, its reaction to light and overall shape, this ring style will be enjoyed for many generations to come.

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