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virtual Fitting

Find the Perfect Enhancer for your ring!

Virtual Fit by TwoBirch - A new innovative way of replicating your ring, guaranteeing a perfect fitting ring enhancer.
Virtual Fit also enables you to visualize how the enhancer will fit your engagement ring.

How it works

Our proprietary Virtual Perfect Fit process provides us with all the measurements necessary to produce a great fitting ring enhancer.

We use photographs of your ring to create a resin duplicate. Using the resin duplicate, our jewelers can create a perfect fitting enhancer for your ring.


Included in the Kit

  • Clear plastic ruler
  • Finger sizer
  • Instructions sheet
Item Needed

General Instructions

  • Use the illustrations below as a guide when taking your ring photos.
  • Place the ring on a clean white paper.
  • Place the ruler on top of the ring.
  • Use the centimeter and millimeter side of the ruler.
  • When photographing use natural light. No flash.

1. Measure the Width of the Setting / Halo

Set your ring flat down. Place the ruler on top of the ring and measure the length of the setting or halo.

2. Measure the Length of the Setting / Halo

Set your ring on its side and place the ruler on top of the ring.

3. Measure the Inside Diameter of the Ring

Set your ring flat down and place the ruler on top of the ring. Measure the inside width of the shank of the ring.

4. Measure the Width of the Bottom of the Shank

Set your ring standing on the edge and place the ruler on the ring to measure the width of the shank.

5. Finally, we will need you to hold your ring
and take a forward facing picture similar to the one above.

Once you have all the pictures ready, please email them to [email protected].

If all the pictures are satisfactory for our jewelers to produce your resin model, your ring model will be ready in 3 to 4 weeks.

Available upon purchase of a ring guard.