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Three Row Promise Band

Three Row Promise Band

Style Number: TB-PR-0110-SICZRG-L

Availability: In stock

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Additional Information

Metal Type Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Stone Type Cubic Zirconia
Total carat weight 0.99
Metal Stamp 925-sterling
Number of stones 44
Stone Color Colorless
Clarity FL
Key Product Features Promise Rings are made to order and can be customized.
Key Product Features Promise rings can also be worn as right hand ring or engagement ring.
Key Product Features Image is enlarged to show detail. Product is smaller than it appears in the image.
Key Product Features All promise rings here are available in gold, diamond, silver, etc. Contact us for more options.
Key Product Features The largest selection of promise rings available.
Side Stones Total Weight 0.99
Stone Shape Round
Side Stones Cut round-shape
Side Stones Setting prongs
Width 2.0000


Pledge your eternal love with this exquisite promise band. It features three rows of prong set stones across the shank. It is a wide band with a lot of presence and will surly bring a smile to her face. The high polish finish is sure to sparkle like her eyes will when you present this spectacular promise ring. You will be amazed at the high quality of the Cubic Zirconia set in the beautiful Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver Promise Rings by TwoBirch are built to last a lifetime.

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