What is a Three Stone Promise Ring?

Three Stone Promise Rings

People exchange three stone promise rings commonly.

It is not to say that it is just any ring.  It is actually used as to symbolize a promise made between these two people.  The promise can be anything you can imagine.  Picture a young couple so in love that they are bursting.  They will commonly exchange a promise ring as a symbol of where their relationship is headed.  Also, promise rings are used as a symbol to represent the seriousness of a relationship.  Let’s say you love your girlfriend but are not ready to get engaged, then a promise ring relays the message that you lover her, without all the strings of marriage and official engagement.


3 Stone Promise Rings


A three stone promise ring is increasingly popular.

The reason for the increase in popularity is what the three stone ring means.  Three stone rings symbolize your past present and future.  What greater way to make a promise than with a three stone promise ring? Three stone promise rings vary in the types of stones that are set.  They can be set with diamonds, precious, semi precious or cubic zirconia stones.  They can also vary in shape from the round brilliant cut, princess cut, cushion brilliant cut and so on.  Finally, the stones will vary in size and shape. You can have a larger center stone and two smaller side stones or you can have all three stones the same size.  Three is truly no right or wrong answer.  It is a matter of budget and taste.


3 Stone Promise Rings


Three stone promise rings also very in the setting styles and accent stones they may have.  They can be prong set, channel set, bezel set, etc.  The traditional three stone promise ring does not have any other accent stones on it, but those are also growing in popularity. Determining the type of three stone promise your like is going to be a decision that you should not take lightly.  Considering the cost and what they symbolize you want to make sure you know what style you like and what your budget is.  Once you know those two factors, you can easily find a three stone promise ring to suit your needs.

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