Why You Should Buy a Vintage Engagement Ring?

Is it time to pop the question? When you are ready to propose, the TwoBirch team is here as your guide to finding the perfect engagement ring. If your partner favors something unique and sentimental, opting for a vintage-style engagement ring could be the perfect pick.

Vintage jewelry includes pieces between 20-100 years old, considered slightly younger than an ‘antique’ piece. Sparkling vintage engagement rings have an undeniable allure for their timeless feel and unique appearance.

Vintage diamond engagement rings often feature elegant details you won’t find in many other pieces. With floral designs, elegant angles and cathedral settings, this style is sure to be a win. A beautiful Victorian or Art Deco period detail is a giveaway sign to this iconic style. Finite details, such as filigree or milgrain settings are signature for vintage fine jewelry pieces.

Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings and vintage ring settings are popular because of their non-traditional design and details. There is a reason these pieces are passed down for generations!

When shopping for an engagement ring with a vintage style, couples have a few options. You can search for a true generational piece, or browse new rings crafted in a signature vintage design. At TwoBirch, our jewelers have years of experience crafting unique engagement rings – and vintage-style rings are no exception.

If you choose to shop for a formerly-owned, true antique engagement ring set, it’s important to do your research. We recommend browsing at accredited and highly-rated jewelers or antique specialists. True vintage pieces are often passed down from generations, sold to antique stores or pawn shops, or to diamond resellers. Further, pieces in pristine condition often come with a high price tag. Are you paying for the quality, or the date?

These rings are special in that they are often a truly unique piece of jewelry, and come with an amazing story. Wearers can face some challenges, in that it’s harder to get customizations or alterations to a vintage piece due to how they’re made. Don’t forget, vintage pieces likely won’t come with a GIA or AGS certificate. It’s important to check the metals of a vintage fine jewelry piece as well. You will quickly find that most vintage rings are yellow gold!

White Gold Vintage Engagement Rings

Today, diamonds are cut to maximize sparkle – hello, trending cuts like the brilliant cut! These cuts are much more precise thanks to modern technology jewelers have, and they will come with the certificates to prove their quality and worth.

Plus, if you’re shopping with a major jeweler that specializes in this style and other unique pieces, they can usually help with customizations or easy alterations. Buying at a modern retailer often means that fine jewelry purchases might come with a warranty, easy returns, and quick size adjustments.

At TwoBirch, we have a few favorite vintage styles our jewelers have perfected here, including several vintage sapphire engagement ring options.

Our team is available to help answer any questions about your vintage-style engagement ring purchase. Our jewelry experts are available Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM – 5 PM at 1-800-232-0386 or support@twobirch.com

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