Solitaire Promise Ring with Side Stones

Solitaire Promise Ring with Accents

A Solitaire Promise Ring with Side Stones is a specific version of a promise ring.

A promise ring is a ring that is used to symbolize the promise made between two people.  What that promise might be is actually up to the person making the promise.  The rings vary as much as the reason for giving one!

A solitaire promise ring with side stones has a center stone which is surrounded by side stones.  Many options are used for the center stone.  The options vary in stone type from the diamond to semi-precious stones like amethyst or too precious stones like sapphire or ruby.  The center stones also vary in shapes like princess cut, rounds or emeralds, and many more.  Also, they will vary in size.  You can have a center stone going from 1/10th of a carat on up to several carats.

Accent Promise Rings

Finally, that leads us to another variation for your center stone with is setting style.

Most solitaires are a band of metal with a center stone set in a four prong or six prong box.  The height and size of the setting will be determined by the type and size of rock you select. Solitaire promise rings with side stones vary in the kind of side stones they have as well.  They can either match or compliment the center stone.  For example, if you select a center stone that is a diamond, then you can either select diamond side stones or another type of side stone that compliments a diamond.  A diamond is versatile and matches anything, but if you choose a stone like sapphire, you would want to consider a side stone that has a matching or complimenting color like diamonds.


Solitaire promise rings with side stones also vary in setting styles.  The setting style again can change based on the stone type, but the most common setting style for side stones is pave’, channel, and prong.  The kind of setting style is a matter of taste.  If you know however that you are “rough” on your jewelry, you will want to select a channel style.  The stones are protected on both sides by channels of metal reducing the risk stones falling out or breaking.

Solitaire Promise Ring with Side Stones

Finally, once you decide to purchase your solitaire with side stones, you will want to care for it.  Knowing how to care for it will depend greatly on the metal type and stone type you select.  Different stones and metals have different care instructions.  You will need to research those metals and stones you like and ensure that you can properly care for it.  In short, Promise Rings with Side stones are a wonderful option.

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