What is a Pre-Engagement Ring?

What is a Pre-Engagement Ring? Sterling Silver Ring

Pre-engagement rings are rising in popularity and use, as more and more people delay the timing of an official engagement. So, what is a pre-engagement ring?


Pre-engagement rings date back as far as the 1500s.  Back then, when a man wanted to propose, he had to have a certain amount of money available to show his ability to take care of his family. Eager men without means at the time would give their brides-to-be a promise ring, thus symbolizing a commitment to a future marriage.


Pre-engagement rings are commonly referred to as promise rings. In today’s world, the meaning and desire for a promise ring have changed as the world has changed.  In other words, as relationships have changed, and so have the promise rings and pre-engagement rings, we use to symbolize those changing relationships.


Pre-engagement rings are now used to represent the ever-changing and ever-complicated relationships that exist today.  In the past, pre-engagement was meant for a man and a woman before they got officially engaged.  Today, a pre-engagement ring is familiar with same-sex relationships.  Pre-engagement rings are used to symbolize that there is a relationship between two people.  These two people are seriously committed to one another and yet are not willing to invest in being married.


Pre-engagement rings are also standard for military couples.   When soldiers are overseas, pre-engagement rings are used to symbolize their commitment.  These situations can come up somewhat unexpectedly.  When it happens quickly, there is not always time to purchase the traditional engagement ring.   Pre-engagement rings are truly economical, while engagement rings can be cost prohibitive.


Now that we understand why people use pre-engagement rings let’s explore what constitutes a pre-engagement ring.  There is no black or white definition of a pre-engagement ring.  What you look at and decide will accurately symbolize your commitment to each other, will be a pre-engagement ring for you.  There are some common factors found throughout promise rings and pre-engagement rings.  Those factors include, but are not limited to:  having a center stone (diamond or gemstone), having accent stones on the sides, and being delicate in look. Pre-engagement and promise ring come in various metals and stones.  You can find a wide variety of them at TwoBirch’s Large Selection of Promise Rings.

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