Solitaire Enhancers to Style Your Wedding Ring

What is a Ring Enhancer?

Ring enhancers are wedding rings that are made to fit around your solitaire engagement ring. Wedding ring enhancers are made to enhance the beauty of the solitaire ring by adding diamonds, gemstones, or metal designs around the ring. The solitaire ring enhancer is sometimes worn with a bridal set, but it is mostly worn as a wedding band.  Enhancers are a great way to add style, and a lot of sparkles, to your simple solitaire or engagement ring. Buying an enhancer can give you a stunning, yet low-cost bridal wedding set. Traditionally, there are two kinds of ring enhancers: ring guards (also referred to as ring inserts) and ring wraps. Both wedding ring guards and wraps have grown in popularity over the years.

Ring Solitaire Enhancer

Ring Solitaire Enhancer


A ring wrap is a single band which sits flush against your engagement ring. It has stones or metal which lie next to your center diamond to embellish it. When worn together, the ring enhancer and your solitaire engagement ring appear to be one, more substantial, ring. Ring wraps are the perfect way to fuse your bridal wardrobe.
A ring guard is made of two bands held together by bars on the bottom of the shank. The solitaire engagement ring fits in between the two rings.  In this kind of enhancer, the center stone is housed by either metal or stones. The ring guard wrap envelops the solitaire, keeping the solitaire in the middle of the fused bands. Using a ring guard gives you the look of a complete bridal set.

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  1. Patricia

    I received a beautiful 7.25 moissanite forever brilliant today.
    This is a STUNNING ring I absolutely love love love it !
    I have a diamond band and now it looks so much better with this solitaire I recommend it whole heartily! 😊😊😊

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