How to Update the Size or Style of Your Wedding Ring

Has your ring finger size or style preference changed since you last bought your TwoBirch wedding ring? Not to worry, updating the size or style of your wedding band isn’t too challenging to do, which can be incredibly valuable if it’s causing discomfort to your ring finger. To learn all about changing your wedding ring, follow this brief guide!

Pick your Wedding Ring Style

Pick your Wedding Ring Style

Consider Changes You Want to Make

Before heading down to your local jeweler’s, you should consider what changes you can make to your TwoBirch wedding band. Flexible changes include changing the ring size of your band and the style of the ring itself. However, keep in mind, changing up the style of your wedding band is going to be much more expensive than just expanding or shrinking the size of your ring. If you’re having a hard time choosing what changes you should make or can afford, you should speak to a professional jeweler for suggestions.

Get Your Ring Finger Remeasured

If you’re planning on resizing your ring due to a change in your ring finger’s size, you should first get your ring finger remeasured. This way, you can determine that resizing your ring is worth the money and so you can get a new ring size can be used for the future. Once you’re ready to resize your TwoBirch wedding ring, you should contact and visit a local jeweler to take care of this alteration for you.

Visit a Local Jeweler to Update Your Wedding Band

To update either the size or style of your TwoBirch wedding band, you should visit a local, professional jeweler. You never want to let just anyone change how your precious wedding ring looks, which is why you should take plenty of time to find the right professional with services in your price range. Once at your local jeweler’s, you should ask the qualified professionals what they recommend changing about your ring, not to tell you what to do, but to give you plenty of changes to consider. After all, it’s easier to get new changes done in one trip, rather than take a few trips to your local jewelry store to update the size and style of your wedding band.

Properly Maintain Your Wedding Ring

Once your wedding ring has been updated, you should now focus on adequately maintaining it to keep your band and diamond in it’s the best shape, so you can continue wearing it every day. Fortunately, taking good care of your TwoBirch wedding ring is easy to do, all it takes is regularly cleaning your wedding ring to keep it sparkling clean and visiting your local jeweler every year or so to take care of any repairs that you might not have noticed.

Updating the size or style of your TwoBirch wedding ring can seem like a challenging process, but it doesn’t have to be. Hopefully, with help from this guide, you can have an easier time updating your wedding band. Get started today by comparing TwoBirch rings here and consider finding a reputable jeweler to make the necessary changes to your ring.


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