Promise Bands-Cool New Trend in Promise Rings

Promise Bands-Cool New Trend in Promise Rings…. or not?

Promise bands are a common type of promise ring.  Perhaps it would be best to start with, “What is a promise ring?”, to better understand what a promise band is.


Promise rings are a very traditional part of the past.  They date back as far as the 1500s.  Men used promise rings to propose when they could not afford to get married.  Rather than letting his bride to be slip through his fingers, he would give a promise ring.  This promise ring was the place holder for the future engagement ring.


A newer trend in terms of promise rings is the promise band.  Younger couples tend to use promise bands.  In today’s day and age, couples get engaged and married later in life.  The tradition of using a promise band has evolved with our time.  As couples delay getting married, they still do want to show they are committed to one another.  The best way to do this is by exchanging promise bands.

Promise Rings
Types of Promise Bands

Promise bands come in many shapes and sizes.  We create promise bands in sterling silver, yellow plated silver, rose plated silver, 14 karat white or yellow gold, 18 karat white or yellow gold, 10 karat white or yellow gold, platinum and palladium.  Rings can also be set with any type of stone such as sapphires, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, cubic zirconia, etc.

Promise rings exchanged between couples is a traditional use of a promise ring, however, there are other uses.  Bands are also now being used as push presents to mothers when they have their children.  The promise band is worn as a symbol of the mother’s promise to always love and cherish their child.  These types of promise bands are usually set with gemstones or birthstones from their child’s birth month.  Promise bands are also used as a symbol of commitment between same sex couples.  These promise bands worn on the “wedding ring finger” express to the world that they are in a committed relationship.

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Promise bands are a reminder of the love that exists between two people.  Picking the right design, metal and stones will be an everyday reminder of the beauty of their love and desire to always be together.  Promise rings and promise bands, when they are chosen properly, can be a beautiful reminder of everything important in your life.

Type of Promise Band

Having said that, purchasing a promise band can be a huge commitment and it is important to know exactly what style band you like and what your goal is in purchasing the promise band.  If you love a larger look in jewelry, then you would want to choose a wider promise band.  If you prefer a dainty look, then you select a smaller promise band.  Either way, if you stay true to what you like, then promise bands can be a wonderful choice.

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