Pisces, Love, and Relationships

Ethereal, creative, and intuitive.  Pisces, pay attention to the finest of emotional details while finding value in the transcendent big picture of human life. As a water sign, they are confined to boundaries no more than the ocean is.  They move fluidly through their own worlds. Reality is not of visceral importance to a Pisces, as they prefer to escape inside their dreams and mind.

Though Pisces season is behind us, the water sign in your life craves as much attention as they needed in March.

Finding Love in a Pisces

Pisceans require a lot of validation in order to feel close to you.  They won’t be afraid to ask for it when they are particularly lacking in emotional connection. Pisces don’t typically need to be praised for their fantastic career or academic accomplishments.  They just want to be reminded how much you love them. Pisces will want you to be a part of the things they are passionate about.  They love collaborating, especially when it’s with their favorite person.  Make sure to be supportive of all their endeavors and passion projects, especially the creative ones.

Creating genuine intimacy with a Pisces can be more complicated than you might expect. They like to get lost in their worlds.  They aren’t always the best at letting other people see what’s going on in there. To them, their mind can feel like a burden on others due to its labyrinth of colorful complexities and dark dead ends. Make it explicitly clear to the Pisces in your life that you can handle their troubled mysteries and traumas so that they can feel comfortable expressing their most inexpressible thoughts to you. For a Pisces, that is real intimacy.


Pisces have explicit compatibility with Scorpios. They’re both water signs and get each other. They both go through periods of intense and sometimes tumultuous emotion, so they should know how to support the other in times of turbulence. These two will fall in love instantly, so they should be wary of losing themselves in each other.


Pisces will also be drawn to Cancers, creating an emotional intimacy almost instantly. But Cancers love comfort, and Pisceans need to feel like they’ve still got opportunities to chase their wildest dreams. For this relationship to work, they’ll need to give each other room to pursue the passions that make them happy outside of the relationship. That way, when it’s time to come to bed, they can feel satisfied and comfortable in their relationship.


If Pisceans are going to take a chance on anyone, it should be a Capricorn. The Cap may seem a little too collected and rationale for the whimsical water sign, but they’ll find that the Capricorn has just as big of dreams as they do. They will love jumping off cliffs and seeing the world together because they’ll feel that sense of adventure of experience while also having the necessary intimate comfort of each other’s company.


The Trouble With Pisces

The biggest obstacle you are likely to run into while being in a long-term relationship with a Pisces is their fairy tale expectations. They want their relationship to be as beautifully dramatic and romantic as the movies, which can be hard to keep up with. It’s essential to find a balance with your Pisces of letting their mind and imagination soar while also bringing them back to Earth every once in a while. You’ll likely love their abstract thought process.  Also while getting frustrated with their indecision. The best way to handle these adverse moments is to tell them precisely what you need from them while also expressing love and intimacy at that moment.

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