Best 8 Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

It’s already that time of year, Christmas shopping! When it comes to shopping for the special woman in your life, why not give her something you know she loves and cherish for years to come?  With the range of relationship stages, there is an accompanying spectrum of different jewelry pieces and price points that are perfect as a Christmas gift. Maybe it’s simple for a new relationship, or extravagant for your spouse.

We know it can seem stressful to pick the perfect gift, so that’s why we wanted to make it even easier for you with our favorite jewelry gift ideas that will surely make her feel special.

Here are some ideas for every shopper!

Sparkling Bracelets and Necklaces

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a stunning diamond necklace or bracelet! A timeless classic, these will always be an adored gift.

A diamond by the yard necklace, available in both diamond and Cubic Zirconia, is a great gift option. Also, this ‘diamond tennis bracelet’ in 14K White Gold is perfect for stacking and a popular piece this year.


Custom Jewelry & Keychains

A warning might make her emotional with this one!

While it might be challenging to make her a fine jewelry piece yourself, we’d love to have your hand in the creative process. Personal, custom jewelry is a class of its own!

Bring her taste and your vision to life with something personalized this year. Whether you opt for a jewelry piece or unique keychain, this gift will be a home run and remembered for years to come.

Talk to our team of experienced jewelers to incorporate initials, a particular date, a verse, or a quote into several pieces we can create for the special woman in your life. Start talking to a real person right now about your gift goals.

Best 8 Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas for HerUpgrade Her Wedding Ring

Sometimes expensive rings just weren’t in the budget when it came to the big wedding day. That is entirely okay and more common than most might think! Christmas is the perfect time to surprise her with a new wedding ring to showcase your love for her after all these years together.


When it comes to ring shopping, there are several different decisions to make! You can shop for a new solitaire, a ring guard, or a new band to stack. If you want to make sure it matches, our expert jewelers would love to help you with our virtual fit that matches dimensions and styles to narrow down your options.

Striking Earring Jackets

Earring jackets are on-trend, and we love it. If she has a favorite pair of stud earrings or you’re planning on gifting a pair of simple earrings already, jackets are a fantastic gift to enhance and dazzle her favorite earring pair.

Like the name suggests, jackets alter the look of a solitaire pendant or stud earrings by surrounding the piece. Most people use them to enhance diamond studs and diamond pendants, but they can be used with any gemstones or pearls as well! Check out some of our favorites.

Personalized Piece

Two Birch offers made-to-order jewelry featuring names and monogrammed initials. Popular ideas include a spouse or kids’ names on stamped silver rings, or a handmade silver monogram necklace!

Classic Hoop Earrings

Hoops are a wonderful gift because they are a perfect item for daily wear, and they accentuate every fashion style. A perfect, simple option is sterling silver round hoops at under $50. If you want to wow her, these ‘Inside Out’ diamond or moissanite 14K White Gold hoops are stunning!

Birthstone Ring

Who doesn’t love wearing their birthstone? There are countless ways to incorporate her sign into tasteful, daily beautiful jewelry pieces. Our favorite is a birthstone and diamond paired ring. Shop the many combinations and options today!

Promise Ring

Show her how special she is with a testament of your love! Promise rings are a timeless favorite that is sure to take her by surprise. There are so many detailed and straightforward options to fit a variety of styles and budgets.

It’s time to shop! If you have any questions, ask us. Tag us in the posted pictures of your remarkable Christmas present success stories!

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