Myths about Engagement Ring Shopping Busted

Time to start shopping?! Yay! When it comes to the exciting time of engagement ring shopping, we understand it can be a bit daunting because there are so many specific preconceived notions that have circulated the market for years.  Let us enlighten you with this Myths about Engagement Ring Shopping Busted article!

As jewelers for several decades, we see couples buying rings on a daily basis and can guarantee that none of these are true! We’re here to debunk the myths around engagement ring shopping so you can truly feel the freedom to find the ring that is perfect for you and your partner.

Myths about Engagement Ring Shopping Busted 

Engagement Rings Have to Cost Three Months Salary

We’re going to stop you right there! Engagement rings don’t have to cost a fortune and leave you in an unpleasant financial situation for the rest of the year.

Opt for a ring you both love and can afford. Your partner will love it regardless! In addition, shopping online is a great way to save money. Online jewelers don’t have the same costs that jewelry locations do, so they can be priced accordingly.

To help you know how to budget your ring with your 4 C’s priorities in mind, check out our 4 C’s Guide here, and our online ring shopping guide here.


You Have to Get a Natural Diamond

Traditionally, yes, engagement rings are the real thing. However, it is 2019 and lab grown diamonds look better than ever! The brilliant sparkle looks basically identical to the real thing, and come with many pros.

Lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally sustainable, you know it’s exact origins for being “conflict free”, and they are new and exciting!

It’s an important decision, but you don’t have to decide alone. A member of the TwoBirch team would be happy to help you make your decision when it comes down to natural vs. lab.  Visit our lab-created engagement ring section here.

Also, lab diamonds a great option if you are looking for a uniquely colored diamond, which are rare and can get pretty pricey!

Solitaire Settings Are the Only Way to Go

It might be traditional to see a standout solitaire engagement ring, and they are stunning, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the classic tradition!

A few styles we are seeing on the rise are both halo settings and three-stone settings. Halo settings include a large gemstone, with smaller gems surrounding it. These come in a variety of cuts and look stunning!

Additionally, we love the three-stone trend. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry really helped this look comeback! Her ring is simply stunning, and we love it’s timeless style while still being so unique.

It Has to Be A Surprise

A surprise engagement may not be your thing, so bring your partner along! With your partner ring shopping with you, you are sure to find something they will love, that is in budget, AND is the right size. It’s a win-win!

If you still want to make the proposal a surprise moment, just go shopping a bit early. She might expect it, but will have no idea when it’s happening!

We encourage you to simply shop for you and your partner. There are no guidelines that you have to stick to, just go in prepared with an idea of what you want. We have a guide here of questions to ask when shopping, to help you be even more prepared!

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