Wedding Ring Enhancers – Why you HAVE to have one!

Wedding ring enhancers are an excellent way to add style and shine to your engagement ring.  When shopping for a new wedding or engagement ring, it’s easy to get caught up in which type you want. The ring itself may be the star of the show, but having the perfect ensemble will stand out.  TwoBirch specializes in providing ring enhancers like ring guards, ring wraps, and contour bands.  Ring enhancers are perfect for brides who want a little extra dazzle, function, and protection to their favorite piece of jewelry. They are often used as alternatives to the traditional wedding band or a personal way to commemorate a special anniversary.

Wedding Ring Guard Enhancers

Ring Guard EnhancerRing guards serve a multitude of purposes. Not only do they add a little dazzle to your ring, but they also add function, too. Ring guards fit alongside solitaire rings, or other style engagement rings, and serve the primary purpose of protecting it and holding it in place. Many engagement rings roll over to the side while sitting on your finger because the weight of the diamond is too heavy for the band to support it. Stacking your engagement ring with a ring guard gives that extra support it needs to hold in place just as you like it.

If you know you want a ring guard from the get-go, engagement rings can be purchased as sets—the solitaire ring plus the ring guards. If you decide later that you want to add them on to your engagement ring, your jeweler can custom make pieces that will fit around it, even if it’s not a solitaire.  The only additional consideration to make is what finger size you should purchase.  Ring guard enhancers add a lot of extra width to your bridal set.  As a result, we recommend a 1/4 to 1/2 size larger.  You can size your finger online by clicking here and adding 1/4 to have 1/2 of a size to determine what would fit well.Wedding Ring Enhancers

Using ring guards gives you the opportunity to play with the design a little bit more.  It allows you to find the perfect engagement ring for you or your partner. You can make the metals match perfectly, or complement your white gold engagement ring with a yellow gold enhancer. You can even design your ring guards to include colored gems like rubies and blue sapphires. No matter what you choose, these enhancers can add a little bit of personality and uniqueness to your ring.

Ring Wraps

Ring Wrap EnhancerRing wraps, like ring guards, are supplementary rings that help to protect and steady your center ring. Wrap enhancers, however, are usually designed to create an illusion of one single ring. Above all, they produce dramatic changes in your ring’s look.  Typically feature larger stones on a single, thinner band to accompany your sparkler.   Ring wraps, in general, will only work with a solitaire.

Contour Bands

Finally, the last ring enhancer is called a contour band, or curved ring. It is a single band that has a little dip in it to accommodate the stone on the central ring. When pushed up against your engagement ring, it leaves no space in between, just like a wedding band. If you love the contoured band look, you can get another to put on the other side of your ring.Wedding Ring Enhancers

Furthermore, no matter which you choose, any TwoBirch ring enhancer is sure to give your engagement ring a little extra glow. You can sift through our hundreds of beautiful, unique ring guards, ring wraps, and curved rings on our website.

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