Custom Fit Ring Guard – Large Halo Engagement Ring

A custom fit ring guard is becoming increasingly popular. The popularity is probably because a ring guard is a fantastic way to enhance your engagement ring.  Ring guards and most ring enhancers are made to fit a traditional solitaire.  Since most people don’t have a conventional solitaire as their engagement ring, matching a ring guard to their engagement ring can be challenging.

The best way to fit a ring guard to an engagement ring is by using Virtual Fit by TwoBirch.  In this blog, we will walk you through making the perfect ring guard for our customer.

We received this message from Jenny:


I have a large square wedding ring and am looking to see it’s possible to have custom ring guards/bands made for each side. I’m open to suggestions, and the guards don’t have to fit as squarely as the setting necessarily but have some curvature. Any suggestions are welcome! Pictures included.


You can see that Jenny’s engagement jewelry is STUNNING!  However, a custom guard is necessary because her ring has a large, low profile halo.

The next step was to get a Virtual Fitting complete for Jenny.  This process includes us sending Jenny the kit, and Jenny taking images and emailing them back to us.  The entire process takes about 5 minutes.

Here are the images we worked with:

Custom Fit Ring Guard

After receiving these images, we were able to make a recommendation to Jenny on which styles would be best to compliment her engagement ring.  We selected TB-GUARD-0083 which is made to fit a higher halo or solitaire. We took that ring and created a custom fit ring guard for Jenny.  Shown below is the original ring:


Once we narrowed down the options and Jenny selected a style, we created CAD images.  Jenny used the images below to review and approve her design concept.  It can be hard to make a decision when buying online.  Therefore, we send a lot of pictures to make sure you can visualize the final product.

Jenny saw the CAD images below.

CAD Image for Approval

Jenny loved the concept, and we went ahead and moved forward with the production process.  We created this ring guard in white gold with diamonds.   Once we produced the ring guard, we then fit it to the plastic model we created of Jenny’s ring using the ruler images above.  Here are pictures of our custom ring guard with Jenny’s engagement ring model:

Jenny approved the design, and we then shipped her the ring guard.  Jenny was kind enough to share photos of her engagement ring together with our custom ring guard.  Here are the images:

This custom created ring guard story is the perfect example of how a ring guard can work for a large halo engagement ring.  The trick is finding an expert in ring enhancers like TwoBirch.

We’d love to see you showing off your TwoBirch ring guards! Tag us at @TwoBirch or use the hashtag #TwoBirch.  If you would like us to feature your story, please email us at

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