How to Clean My Ring Guard?

Gold Ring Guards:

In order to clean a ring guard that is made of gold, simply soak it in warm soapy water for at least 15 minutes. Then, with a soft bristled tooth brush, brush where the dirt remains. The most difficult place to clean is under the gallery, where dirt and grime can stick. The best thing to do is to brush that area with the soft bristled tooth brush and rinse with warm water. Then, blot dry with a soft non-abrasive cloth and lay to dry on a paper towel.

Gold Ring Guard

Gold Ring Guard.

Diamond and Gold Ring Guard

Diamond and Gold Ring Guard

Diamond and Gold Ring Guards:

If you have a gold and diamond ring guard, then you can clean it with ammonia.  DOING THIS OFTEN WILL DAMAGE YOUR RING.  Use one part ammonia to six parts of water.  Put your rings in a strainer and dip the rings in the solution for NO MORE than one minute.  Pull the strainer out and immediately rinse under warm running water.  Dry you ring guard with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.


Gemstone & Gold Ring Guards:

The rule of thumb with colored stones is that only sapphires and rubies can take any type of heat.  If your ring guard has gemstones set into metal, then you can follow the steps outlined for Gold Ring Guards.  If your ring guard has gemstones that are glued in, then do not submerge them in water.  In order to clean a ring guard with glued stones, simply take a polishing cloth and wipe the ring until it is clean.

Gemstone and Gold Ring Guards

Gemstone and Gold Ring Guards

Silver and Cubic Zirconia Ring Guards with the Salt and Foil Method:

In order to remove tarnish, line a bowl with a piece of aluminum foil and add VERY hot water, at least enough to cover the ring. Add equal parts salt and baking soda, we recommend starting with one teaspoon of each. Place your jewelry inside the mixture and ensure that it is touching the aluminum. You will see fizzing and bubbling which will indicate the mixture is working. Let your jewelry soak for about 5 minutes. Then, rinse your jewelry and rub it dry with a clean soft cloth. Any spots left will more than likely rub off. If not, add more salt and baking soda and put your jewelry back in.

Silver and CZ with Pastes or Dips:

Silver cleaners come in the form of paste or a dip. They can contain harsh chemicals. We recommend using them only as a last resort. They can strip and damage gemstones. First, wipe off as much tarnish as you can with a simple polishing cloth. If you are using a dip, take bowl and put some of the silver polishing dip into the bowl. Be sure to protect your hands as these chemicals are very harmful. Take the jewelry and dip it in, but DO NOT LET SOAK. Extended exposure can seriously damage your jewelry. If you are using a paste, take a soft brush and rub the paste in a straight line. Avoid using circular motion to avoid scratches. For either dip or paste, remove the polish solution with a cloth. Rinse under cold running water. If you do not thoroughly remove the solution it will dry white. Buff with a soft cloth to give it shine.

Professional Cleaning:

You can take your jewelry items to a professional jeweler for cleaning. They will soak your items in an ultrasonic bath for as long as your stones can handle. Then, they will then brush out the dirt that is larger and harder to remove. Then, they will rinse and steam your jewelry. If needed, they can polish and plate. Its like a spa for your jewelry!

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