How to find the perfect fit

If you are shopping for a ring enhancer, you are asking yourself how to find the perfect fit ring guard. Here is an innovative and cutting edge way to make sure that your ring guard or ring wrap perfectly fit your engagement ring!

**These instructions are illustrated by a video on our YouTube Channel:


TwoBirch Molding Instructions

The total process must be completed in 2 minutes time, so please read these instructions thoroughly before beginning the process.

Step 1
Prepare materials in kit along with your ring:

  1. Your Ring
  2. Plastic box
  3. Putty (2 colors, color can vary: Yellow+White, Green+White, Blue+White, Purple+White)
  4. Hand Cream or Petroleum Jelly
  5. Rubber Bands
PerfectFit Materials

PerfectFit Materials

Step 2

Take out the two colors of putty from one of the plastic tins. Mix the putty together for about 45 seconds. Please note, uniform color is NOT necessary. Separate into about 2 equal parts.

PerfectFit Putty

PerfectFit Putty

Step 3

Take one ball and push it into the bottom of the plastic box, trying to get it into all of the corners filled. The box should be filled about ½ way.

Step 4

Rub lotion or petroleum jelly over the putty. This will prevent the mold from sticking together.

PerfectFit Putty Box

PerfectFit Putty Box

Step 5

Place your ring in the center and push it down so that about 50% of it is in the putty.

PerfectFit Ring in Putty

PerfectFit Ring in Putty


Step 6

Take the second ball of putty and push it on top of the ring. The goal is to get it in all of the corners and push it down so that the putty is tight around the ring.

Step 7

Leave the putty for 25 minutes to harden. After 25 minutes, take the mold out of the plastic box. You can bend the plastic tin until the mold pops out.

PerfectFit molding kit by TwoBirch

Step 8

Open the mold down the middle.
Remove your ring from the mold. You might need to bend the mold a little for the ring to come out.

PerfectFit by TwoBirch


Step 9
Place each half of the mold back into separate containers.
Step 10
Your ring will have some lotion or petroleum jelly on it. You can clean as you would in jewelry cleaner or if not, warm soapy water and soft bristled tooth brush. In most cases, running it under warm water will remove the lotion.

Step 11
Mail the mold back to us at: TwoBirch, 619 E Pallisade Ave, Suite 102, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

PerfectFit by TwoBirch

  Photo examples of the mold & wax they make:


IMG_0095-300x300 (1) IMG_0094-300x300 (1) IMG_0092-300x300 (1) IMG_0093-300x300 (1) 1395298_246472542171560_56113728_n-300x300 (1) 1383517_246472445504903_2132853471_n-300x300 (1) 1375980_246472258838255_640690085_n-300x300 (1) 1385110_246480902170724_769887447_n-300x300 (1) 1374765_246472928838188_537227322_n-300x300 (1) How to find the perfect fit



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