Engagement Ring Styles That Are Making A Comeback

Every love story is unique, and your engagement ring is a beautiful way to express your love and personal style.

It’s something that can be shown off for the rest of your life! While it’s important to pick something uniquely you, knowing the popular ring styles can only help make your decision.  Popular engagement ring styles change every year. There are always new trending looks, and classics that will never go out of style. There are beautiful styles that stick, and other stunning vintage engagement styles that are making a comeback in 2019!

At TwoBirch, we see what couples are buying every day! Trust us when we say, these ring details are definitely in right now. Check out some of our favorite trending styles, below!

Pear and Oval Shaped

This is a common and stunning style that we are seeing on the rise the past few years, and it’s here to stick! This shape really shows off the size and is an immediate attention-grabber.  Pear and Oval shaped engagement rings are growing in popularity quickly. The reason these may be on the rise versus the classic round is this shape really elongates the hand and fingers.  This is also true of radiant and emerald cuts making a major comeback.

We love these classic styles!

Yellow Gold

Silver isn’t the only way to go nowadays. Rose gold has been popular for several years now, so it’s no surprise that yellow gold is making a comeback as well! Yellow gold was the standard for years.

Yellow and rose gold are a beautiful way to have a standout engagement ring. If you prefer to wear gold, this is a great option so your jewelry matches your everyday style. Yellow gold can really pop with many different skin tones!

You can shop by white gold, yellow gold or rose gold by clicking on the links.  Here is a visual example of how metal color can change the look of a ring.


Halo Settings

Halos are popular additions to rings, and are true vintage. This style dates back to the early 1900’s. This style is often used to give the ring a larger appearance, and a bit more sparkle. Smaller diamonds surround the solitaire diamond to really make it pop!

It’s common to see stunning Halos added to many different engagement ring styles.


Geometric ShapesGeometric Vintage Engagement RIng

Vintage doesn’t have to be floral! Meghan Markle really showed off her her modern three-stone engagement ring, proving this geometric style made a comeback. Two Birch carries similar style, one with a halo setting, creating a truly unique, trendy look.

While these edges are a bit harsher, we love the refined, classic look of this design.


This regal, floral look has its roots over a hundred years old. Filigrees show off an intricate pattern that is sophisticated and detailed, leading up to the main attention-grabbing diamond.

A ring with a filigree is a subtle way to make your ring uniquely yours with a bit of added detail. It won’t change the cost too much, because diamonds aren’t always added to the filigree.


If you stick to this guide of stylish and classic engagement ring details, you’re sure to get something that is both in style, and you’ll love! It’s 2019, and online ring shopping is definitely the way to go. Most importantly, it’s safe, easy, affordable, and there are so many options.

If you aren’t convinced just yet, it’s time to browse the inventory. TwoBirch makes it easy, with specific categories and details you can browse through! With easy payment options and returns as needed, it’s the best way to get your engagement ring when the time is right!

As always, we’d love to see you showing off you TwoBirch rings! Tag us at @TwoBirch or use the hashtag #TwoBirch


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