Custom Ring Guard for an Opal Halo Engagement Ring

A custom ring guard is THE way to go if you are looking to enhance your engagement ring.  If your engagement ring is unique, finding a ring guard to fit is often tricky.  With a solitaire, any ring guard will fit unless you have a full band or your setting is low.  Virtual Fit by TwoBirch is a revolutionary way to get a custom ring guard to work with your unique engagement ring.  Even if you have a traditional solitaire made to work with a ring enhancer, Virtual fit takes all the guesswork out of picking a ring guard.  You can see your ring with several options, and it allows TwoBirch to customize the enhancer to sit with your engagement ring.  In this article, we explore a custom ring guard fit for an oval opal halo engagement ring.

Addyson H.’s Story

In this case, our customer, Addyson H, already knew which ring guard she wanted:  TB-GUARD-0083

The trick for Addyson was to fit our ring guard to her stunning, unique oval opal halo engagement ring.  Since her engagement ring is distinctive, we needed Virtual Fit to ensure that the ring guard she purchased would be a good fit for her.

Custom Ring GuardWe sent Addyson her kit, and she emailed us the images below.

Virtual Fit ImagesWe used the images to create a CAD design of Addyson’s ring and fit it to our ring guard virtually.  The process makes it possible for our jewelers to modify the enhancer to fit perfectly with the engagement ring.  These CAD images illustrate the outline of Addyson’s ring with our ring guard.   Here is a sample image:

Once our jewelers completed the CAD and modifications, Addyson was sent the pictures of the final ring guard with a wax model of her engagement ring.  Creating a wax model of the engagement ring ensures that the fit will be perfect.

The final product was stunning, and Addyson was kind enough to share a picture.  You can see that her oval opal engagement ring fits perfectly with her ring guard.

Custom Ring Guard to fit Oval Opal Engagement Ring

Virtual Fit by TwoBirch is vital in achieving a perfect fit ring guard.  For help getting started, contact us at  Feel free to submit pictures of your ring guard to be featured on our blog.

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