5 Tips to Get Her Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal

Are you proposing soon? Congratulations! If you’re planning a surprise proposal, we understand how difficult it can be to determine her ring size! But don’t stress. We have 5 Tips to Get Her Ring Size for a Suprise Proposal.  Here are some creative ideas to get that dreaded ring size while still keeping it subtle! Shhh!


Borrow One of Her Rings from Her Jewelry Stash

Does she have a few rings she wears on occasion? Be subtle and borrow one for just a day to get it measured. If you don’t want to take it, we can send over a ring size tool so you can size it right then and there! 

Every finger size is different. So if you can measure a ring that sits on the middle or ring finger, that will be more the correct size. Class rings are a great way to figure out the perfect size, too! 

For instance, if she wears her class ring on her right ring finger, you can go with that size, maybe even size down by a half-size if she’s right-hand dominant! Dominant fingers tend to be slightly larger. 


Trace One of Her Rings on Paper

If you don’t have the tool, grab one of her rings, set it down on a piece of paper, and trace the inner circle. A jeweler will be able to figure out the diameter of the circle and determine the proper ring size. 

Try On Her Ring

If she hardly ever takes her rings off, but you want to be extra subtle, ask to play with her rings and slip it on one of your fingers. Remember exactly where it stops and how tight it is. Mark that point with a pen, and head over to a jeweler! Try on rings there to get the exact size you tried on of hers. This is not guaranteed to be accurate, but it’s very close!

Compare Finger Sizes

Maybe her ring finger is close to the size of your pinky! This is a riskier route because it’s a complete guess and not an actual measurement, but it would be close, and it’s easy to tighten or loosen a ring a bit, which is an easy fix!

Recruit a Friend for Help

Last but not least, it can be beneficial to recruit a few of her gal pals for the surprise proposal. Why not ask for assistance in ring sizing, too? This is a very sly way to get the right size because she probably wouldn’t suspect anything coming from her friends! 

A few things to remember….

To help you get the perfect ring size, we’d love to send you our virtual fit kit! It includes the ideal measurement tools to get the perfect engagement ring size. Keep in mind, for the most accurate measurements, having your partner get her ring finger sized is the best way. But we understand how special a surprise can be, and these ideas work every day!

It may help to know that the most common ring size for women is 6-6.5! Additionally, the ring band width does make a difference in size, so try to pick the closest ring sample to a size you would purchase. 

When you do find that perfect Two Birch engagement ring and pop the question, we’d love to see your ‘Just said Yes’ moment! Tag us on Instagram @twobirch or with the hashtag #TwoBirch

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