8 Questions to Ask When Ring Shopping

We get it, going ring shopping is both exciting and a little intimidating! Buying fine jewelry is a significant investment, and a purchase you shouldn’t take likely. It’s crucial to come prepared! While budget is one of the simpler things to determine before you go, at Two Birch, we recommend asking your jeweler a few questions before settling on the perfect ring!


Keep these in mind when you start shopping around! You can find all of our answers to these questions plus many more on our FAQ page here.

How long have you been in business?

This says a lot about a company! Many years of operation shows that there are quality service and product provided. Just like any business, continued success means happy customers!

Community involvement and awards also show a lot about business! For example, Our family-owned company has been in the jewelry business for over 20 years, and we have been selling jewelry online for the past eight years. We are a Certified Google Trusted Store and three-time winners of the Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award.

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Are the diamonds natural and conflict-free?

It is essential to make sure your diamond ring is ethically sourced, avoiding “blood” or conflict diamonds. You can ask if they adhere to the Kimberly Process (KPCS), which prevents blood diamonds from entering the market. It is a set of requirements many jewelers follow.

If it’s important to you, ask about the quality of the diamonds to confirm they are natural and not human-made. Two Birch has a GIA Gemologist on staff to ensure our process is authentic!

What diamond qualities do you offer?

Ask your jeweler about the range of diamond qualities offered. This is the number 1 factor that will affect the price of your ring! Consider the four C’s: clarity, cut, color, and carat. Many jewelers offer a wide variety for different price ranges and will be able to find your perfect combination of the four C’s


Are your products made with real metals?

Have an idea of what metal you want and ask if your jeweler offers that! Most will provide gold in several colors and karats, sterling silver and platinum. These metals are different in durability and will look different over time! It’s hard to differentiate between them sometimes, so ask!

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Do you offer insurance/appraisals?

Ask about appraisals and insuring your ring, just in case! It can’t hurt to start the process, and your jeweler will be able to advise you to the best option if they don’t do it.


What is your return/warranty policy?

Jewelers have different limitations when it comes to returning your ring. At Two Birch, we offer a free 1-year limited warranty on all of our items. We also offer a 3-year extended warranty for additional payment. The free warranty covers stone replacement up to 1/4 carat.


Do you offer repair services?

Missing a stone or needing a re-size? Most jewelers will do this with their jewelry for free, but it is definitely worth asking. If you are shopping for an engagement ring, odds are you will need it sized and cleaned soon. This is a cost you can avoid if you purchase it from a jeweler that will do that on their products for free of charge!


Can I customize my ring?

Are you looking for something in particular? Many will help you accomplish your vision! The Two Birch team can customize with an endless combination of metals and stones. We are also able to customize our ring enhancers to fit your engagement ring perfectly.


If you want a personal engraving, definitely ask if your jeweler can do it for you!


Have an idea about an important question, or have one for our Two Birch team? Send it our way! In the meantime, try following us on social media @twobirch #TwoBirch for ring inspiration and FAQ updates!


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