Stunning and Affordable Engagement Rings

So you’re engagement ring shopping! We all know that some standard, popular engagement rings can come with a hefty price tag. But, they don’t have to! However, there are several ways to get stunning and affordable engagement rings.

At TwoBirch, we are all about keeping consumers informed and help their search for the perfect ring run smoothly. We are so fortunate to live in a time of comfortable, affordable online purchasing. Ring purchases are no exception. Buying the ideal ring has never been easier with online options.

There are so many pros to buying a ring online versus buying it in-store, such as more inventory, customizable, and lower prices. Online retailers don’t have the same overhead costs as physical jewelry locations!

Read on to find the best ring for your budget with our simple (and affordable!) guide to stunning, popular and classic rings online all under $1,000! These looks are timeless, and your partner will love them.

Stunning and Affordable Engagement Rings:  Princess Cut

This 1 carat, 14K Gold princess cut has a stunning halo and is only $949! We love that the simple band will make this ring pop on your bride’s finger.  We have it linked for you here!

Stunning & Affordable Engagement Rings



Stunning and Affordable Engagement Rings:  Round Halo

You’ve got to check out this timeless round cut diamond with a halo, and stones around the band! This look won’t go out of style, and it’s only $930! This ring is surrounded by 32 side stones and a .5 CT center stone! We’ve got it linked for you here.

Stunning and Affordable Engagement Rings:  Moissanite Halo Solitaire

This 1 CT. Marquise ring is total wow-factor and a colossal trend making a comeback. This engagement ring features a beautiful marquise center stone, surrounded by 40 round side stones, with a .75 center stone. She is sure to love it, and Two Birch has it for you here. It’s only $499!

Marquise Halo


Stunning and Affordable Engagement Rings:  Square Halo

This beautiful engagement ring is similar to the ring listed above, except this is a square shape versus the round! It’s all about you and your bride’s personal preference! This .65 carat ring is surrounded by 38 side stones and is .4 carats in the main stone. It is $10 less than the round at only $920! Check it out here.

Square Halo

Stunning and Affordable Engagement Rings:  Round Infinity

Show her your love is infinite with this round infinity wave engagement ring! This .2 carat center stone is complete with 24 surrounding stones. This ring is full of detail, and a stunning classic look she’ll love to show off for years to come. It’s only $800! Scroll through more photos here.

Round Infinity

All TwoBirch engagement rings are made with conflict-free and eco-conscious metals and stones. Our rings are made to order, can be customized, and include options to be paid on payment plans! Let’s get your dream ring without breaking your budget this year.

If you aren’t convinced just yet, it’s time to browse the inventory and our other rings under $1,000. You won’t be disappointed!

As always, we’d love to see you showing off you Two Birch rings! Tag us at @TwoBirch or use the hashtag #TwoBirch

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