Should You Insure Your Engagement Ring

Losing the ring is everyone’s biggest fear… and for a good reason!

Remember the viral video of the proposal on the waterfall? Seconds later the ring was dropped and swept away. To no one’s fault, things just happen.

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While the conversation about ring insurance might not be as fun as a wedding or honeymoon planning, it’s a conversation that’s important to have! In 2018 alone, couples in the U.S. spent an average of $7,829 on engagement rings, according to Brides’ American Wedding Study.


While some jewelers will offer a warranty on your purchase, you can purchase supplemental coverage just in case the worst happens – theft or loss. Being one of the biggest ticket items for your wedding, and something you’ll wear daily, ensuring your ring is worth it for many reasons.

What to consider when picking a policy:


Measure not only the cost difference between providers but also the coverage itself.

Ideally, your policy should include coverage for loss, theft, and damages. We’ve seen it all in our decades of jewelry design at Two Birch. Most policies are paid annually, and you’ll pay around $1-$2 for every $100 of ring value each year.  Some policies have deductibles, while others don’t.

Myths about Engagement Ring Shopping Busted

Some policies even take into consideration your location. If you are in a high-theft city, you might pay a little more for your ring coverage. Additional protection systems like home security electronics or a safe could help offset those additional costs, so be sure to mention them!


What does it look like when and if you need to replace part or all of your ring? Will they send you a check for the value of your ring? If you purchased insurance from the jeweler, will they replace it fully? How quick is the turnaround on your replacement or reimbursement? These are questions that are important to know prior to signing onto a policy agreement.

Documents and Value Assessment:

A professional jewelry appraisal is key when it comes to purchasing supplemental coverage. This will prove quality and worth if you outsource your ring insurance.

American Gem Society has a handy directory of qualified professionals that can be searched by zip code, willing to appraise. Most jewelers can do this in-house upon purchase, however.

Be sure to keep your receipts and appraisal even after your policy is purchased. 

Check the Warranties:

If you feel comfortable without insurance, checking the warranty your jeweler offers could help with any small damages, resizing, or just change of heart.

For example, Two Birch offers a free one-year warranty including completely free returns for a full-refund, sizing adjustments and/or damage fixes due to jeweler errors.

Every jeweler is different. Some might charge for additional sizes and tweaks.

In our opinion, it’s all about asking the right questions and talking to your partner about making the small investment to insure your purchase. If you ever have any questions about our products, warranties or available insurance options, reach out to our team at any time at

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