Virtual Fit – Buying the Perfect Ring Guard Made Easier

Getting married or updating your wedding bands? Congratulations! It’s such an exciting time to pick out such an important symbol of your marriage.  Therefore, it’s important to do your research and check out Virtual Fit.

Gone are the days of being dissatisfied because your wedding band or ring enhancer doesn’t match your engagement ring. If you’re wondering how to pick the perfect ring guard to love for the rest of your life, you’re definitely at the right place.

Buying the perfect ring guard just got even more straightforward, and much more affordable. If you’re here wondering what a ring guard is, and how to get the right one, the TwoBirch team is here to help find the perfect match.

What is a ring guard?

Ring guards accompany an engagement ring, and is a common alternative/addition to the traditional “wedding band.” Guards are intended to wear on one or both sides of the solitaire ring as added protection, and also to enhance the overall appearance and compliment the ring.

This is one of the many popular ring guards at TwoBirch! Notice how this guard would transform the style of the engagement ring, turning it into a complete statement piece.

Let’s face it, it makes your ring really pop! At TwoBirch, we like to call it the ring enhancer. Commonly, there are no gaps for skin to show. Bring on all the sparkle!  Here are some sample ring rings for you to see….

What Makes It Different From a Wedding Band?

Great question! Guards differ from wedding bands for several reasons. Wedding bands commonly sport a standalone design, and ring guards are contoured with the design of the solitaire ring in mind, some even including accent stones to circle the solitaire ring.

Does your gorgeous engagement ring often roll off to the side a bit? This is a common problem that comes with the weight of the diamond. Ring guards are fundamentally used to prevent this, and in turn, damage or loss of your treasured ring!

As a result, ring guards are commonly stacked or wrapped in a unique style that solves these problems.

How to Pick the Perfect Ring Guard

So, how do you find the best option to match your ring design, and also your style? This is something you’ll be able to look at for the rest of your life, so it’s important and that you pick something you and your partner love!

In this day and age, you can order the perfect ring guard online. Buying it online is much simpler, more affordable, and completely safe, which we talk about in another blog here!

TwoBirch has introduced an innovative way to virtually replicate your ring, insuring the absolute perfect fit, style, and match for your engagement ring, especially when ordering online. At TwoBirch, we call this process Virtual Fit, and it’s only $10. TwoBirch is entirely safe, and you can read more here about their KPCS diamond sourcing and Google Trust/Wedding Wire ranking.

How Does Virtual Fit Work?

First of all, let me start by saying it’s a simple, quick process.  Using an at-home kit sent straight from their website, TwoBirch takes your precise measurements and photos of your engagement ring and the diamond to match it with the perfect ring guard that compliments it best.

Additionally, the kit includes a clear plastic ruler, ring sizer and instruction sheet to help get the best results. As a result, with just a few simple measurements of the dimensions of the ring, TwoBirch can match you with personalized options to match your engagement ring. If there is ever confusion, there are some step-by-step instructions online, and TwoBirch is available for support questions.

Probably the most common complaint from people who purchase guards elsewhere, that people get stuck with wraps that don’t fit their diamond cut or ring style. Virtual Fit solves this problem with a focus on the cut and size of the solitaire ring!

Virtual fit By TwoBirch

It’s All In The Details

From classic to retro, halo to infinity, there are indeed so many rings guards to reflect your style and preference. Looks include single bands of diamonds and intricate patterns that enhance the solitaire diamond to look more substantial and genuinely unique.

Sticking with the same color metal as your engagement ring is a good move with a ring guard or wedding band! This is especially important with guards, which wrap around your solitaire ring and compliments its features. Different colors and stones can be distracting from the central diamond.

First of all, when it’s time to buy your ring guard, Virtual Fit is the safest way to make sure you find a look you love. Also, online ring shopping is definitely the way to go for many reasons.  Another reason to pick a ring guard enhancer is TwoBirch is the leading expert in ring guard enhancers. Finally, it’s safe, easy and so affordable.

 If you aren’t convinced just yet, it’s time to browse the ring guard inventory. Prepare to fall in love!

As always, we’d love to see you showing off you TwoBirch rings! Tag us at @TwoBirch or use the hashtag #TwoBirch



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