Promise Rings: What They Really Symbolize

Are you considering buying your significant other a TwoBirch promise ring? No, we’re not talking about an engagement ring, although there are some similarities. If you’re wondering what exactly a promise ring is and whether it’s appropriate to gift your sweetheart one this spring, here’s a short guide on what promise rings really symbolize.

What’s the Purpose of a Promise Ring?

To be truthful, a promise ring can mean a variety of things; it really depends on the person wearing or gifting it. More often, it’s expected to be given to symbolize a serious relationship, such as significant partners that have been together for at least a year. This ring can be used to bridge a connection without the severity of an engagement ring. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan an engagement too far off in the future. Another thing to keep in mind is that TwoBirch promise rings aren’t female exclusive. That’s right; men can wear promise rings too! In fact, couples usually wear promise rings together to display the commitment they have to each other.

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Other Meanings Behind  Promise Rings

TwoBirch promise rings are mostly meant to signify a relationship between two lovers, but they certainly aren’t restricted to that. Some may use the rings to indicate a wide range of things, such as the relationship between two friends, faith-based purposes, or even given to children from their parents to show a meaningful family bond. Rather than using a promise ring to display the strength of you and your significant other’s relationship, you can use one to show commitment to practically anything; it’s up to you to choose.


How to Rock a Promise Ring This Spring

You might notice that promise rings look nothing like TwoBirch engagement rings, this is done on purpose, of course. You certainly won’t notice any diamonds, but you may still appreciate gorgeous designs that you can style yourself with this spring. From the Classic Three Stone to the unique Infinity Wave promise ring, there are so many styles you can choose from this spring. The type of promise ring you wear is entirely up to you, but the choice should depend on what your ring symbolizes. After all, a studded promise ring isn’t exactly appropriate for gifting your child this Easter. Additionally, the finger you wear your ring matters, if your relationship isn’t too serious, you should consider wearing it on your opposite ring finger and slowly work your way to a more meaningful ring position. What matters most of all is your comfortability wearing a TwoBirch promise ring this spring.

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Promise rings are so much more than a simple piece of jewelry to gift your sweetheart. They show dedication, love, trust, and companionship to whoever you gift them to. Although there might be a lot of styles to choose from this spring, hopefully, this short guide could offer you insight into why you should purchase one for your significant other. To begin your search for the perfect promise ring, check out TwoBirch jewelry’s eye-catching selection. Plus, if you have any amateur-ring buying questions, their support staff will be more than happy to help!

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