What are Men’s Promise Rings?

Men’s Promise rings are a common type of promise rings.  In the past, it was common for men to purchase promise rings for women as a symbol of their commitment to each other.  As times have evolved, it is now increasingly popular for women to buy men’s promise rings for their partner.  Even more popular is men exchanging promise rings with other men as a symbol of their commitment to one another.


Men’s Promise Ring Metals

Men’s Promise Rings come in almost any metal you can imagine.  It is very popular to make men’s promise rings in materials such as sterling silver, titanium or cobalt.  These new metals make the men’s promise rings look very trendy and cool.  Plated metals make color play easy and fun.  See below for some jewelry in different color combinations.  All yellow is an excellent way to achieve a very traditional men’s promise ring look, while two-tone gives a fun more contemporary look.  All white is also very trendy.


Ceramic men’s promise rings do have their drawbacks.

They are very delicate, and if dropped, they tend to shatter.  You will need to weigh looks versus use in this case.  Also, titanium is considered somewhat dangerous.  If you happen to break your finger or if your finger swells, it cannot be cut off.  Swelling can be incredibly dangerous.  Imagine getting a bee sting on your finger and not being able to get your ring off.  Cobalt is probably one of the safest metals you can select for a contemporary metal.  It can be cracked off easily.  The other significant consideration to make when looking at men’s promise rings in alternative metals is that they cannot be sized.  If your finger size fluctuates, you will not be able to wear it all the time.  All of these factors are what make sterling silver men’s promise rings the most popular.  They are versatile, safe and sizeable.


Men’s Promise Rings Stones

Just as there are many variations on metals for men’s promise rings, there are just as many for stones.  Men’s promise rings can be plain bands or set with jewels.  The stones can vary from a diamond to ruby and can symbolize different things for different people.  Also, setting style varies in men’s promise rings.  See what a difference making a men’s promise ring with black diamonds makes?

Men’s Promsie Ring Styles

Finally, as you can imagine, the style of the ring itself can vary greatly for a men’s promise ring.  They can have different polished finishes like brushed or satin, different metal decorations like filigree, milgrain or engraving.  One of the newer finishes that are popular is Hammered Finish.  The possibilities are endless.

Yellow Hammered Finish Men's Promise Ring

Yellow Hammered Finish Men’s Promise Ring

Hammered Finish Two Tone Men's Promise Ring

Hammered Finish Two Tone Men’s Promise Ring


The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting your men’s promise ring is to know what promise you are making so that you can choose a design that stays true to that promise.

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