Big Trends in Wedding Bands, Layering and Ring Guards

Are you thinking about adding a little extra sparkle? Why not! Your wedding bands are something you are going to wear every single day, so if a bit of bling is more of your style, it’s worth the investment! Show off the symbol of your love!  Here is a look into the big trends in wedding bands, layering and ring guards.

If you haven’t heard the term ‘ring guard’ before and wondering what’s up with this new trend, you’re at the right place! Like ring wraps, ring guards are often called “ring enhancers.” Additionally, stacking different band styles on either side of your engagement ring is also a growing trend! Both of these looks elevate the overall appearance of your wedding rings and let’s be real; it’s more shine!

Ring guards, in particular, have grown in popularity the past few years for several reasons. With “layering” rings increasing in style and sticking around for a while, many people are going with ring guards because it gives the same appearance, but with added benefits!

With added layers to your ring, you’re adding a unique design to something you can show off every day. Pinterest has lit up with the guard/layering trend, and we think it’s around to stay! These aren’t the old-school styles from back in the day. There are both trendy and classic options out there to compliment any ring.

Style, Style, and Balance

You want your ring enhancer to compliment the shape and style of your engagement ring! It’s essential to consider measurements and the size of your existing ring, especially if you’re opting for a ring guard. It’s also necessary to find the balance between the stone in your engagement ring with the stones in your wedding band.

To make sure you get the perfect style/size match, Two Birch offers Virtual Fit! You send in your measurements, and we provide several excellent options for you in different styles!

Big Trends in Wedding Bands, Layering and Ring Guards

Guards vs. Bands

Guards are attached, and the engagement ring slides neatly in between. Ring guards support the solitaire and protect it from damage. Single wedding bands won’t be connected, and you will get the stacked effect with individual rings! Picking singles will allow you to change the styles in each one if you choose! Either of these options will enable you to get creative, and choose something uniquely you!

Big Trends in Wedding Bands, Layering and Ring Guards


Are you looking for some of our favorite stackable bands and guards? We’ve got you covered! Check out some of our favorites below, with links!

We’d love to see how you stacked your bands and guards! Tag us on Instagram @twobirch or with the hashtag #TwoBirch!

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