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What is a two tone ring guard or a two tone ring wrap?

A two tone ring refers to an item that is made of two colors of metal.  There are two ways to achieve this look.  A two tone model or plating. A two tone model is a piece of jewelry made it two pieces and then assembled.   This is the best way to achieve the two tone look.  The wonderful thing about two tone ring wraps and guards is that they are wonderful way to diversify your bridal jewelry wardrobe.  A great example of how to do this is to take a great yellow gold ring wrap guard and pair it up with a white gold solitaire engagement ring.  The look you achieve is two tone.  If you are not as enthusiastic about changing your look to that level, they using a two tone ring wedding ring snuggie is more subtle.  You will simply add a little bit of color to your bridal wardrobe, but not an overwhelming amount.  The sample photos below show jacket rings made in two tone by casting two pieces and soldering them together. Two Tone Ring Wrap Two Tone Ring Wrap-Cast in Two Pieces The two tone look for wedding ring guards and wraps can also be achieved by using the plating technique.  This means the piece is cast in all one color metal and there is white, yellow or rose gold applied to the areas of the ring that you chose to change the color of.  While this method is inexpensive, it also does not last as long depending how the ring is worn.  If the shank is plated to a different color it will wear quicker than the non plated portions of the ring.  The method of plating to achieve two tone is done for people on a budget normally.  Creating a ring in two tone means casting two pieces and the labor of assembling.  It adds costs to the production of the ring guards and wraps, but it truly is worth the money. At TwoBirch our two tone items sold in gold are cast in two pieces and assembled giving them the true two tone.  Our silver line is plated due to the difficulty found in soldering silver and the complex quality issues that can be caused by using heated soldering techniques.  Also, it is important to note that at TwoBirch we offer Rose, Yellow and White combinations.  You simply need to request what you would like.