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Tips on Picking the Best Ring Wedding Ring Guards and Wraps

Picking the best tracer ring for your bridal set can be tricky.  Below are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your jacket rings to make sure that your wedding jewelry fits together as perfectly as your marriage:
  1. Proportions:  You need to keep in mind the size of the center stone in your solitaire when picking your wedding ring enhancer.  For example, if you have a 1 carat center diamond in an engagement ring, then buying a solitaire ring enhancer with small diamonds will not match.  If you mismatch proportions, then the ring guard wrap will not compliment your engagement ring.  This scenario becomes especially important if you want to achieve the three stone ring look by adding a ring wrap.  If your engagement ring has a 2 carat center stone and your goal is three stone ring look, then choosing a yellow gold ring wrap guard with two .10 carat diamonds will not achieve that look.  Keep in mind too that the size of your center stone will dictate the need to adjust the opening of the wrap.  Most jewelers are able to adjust the enhancer to fit your solitaire, but not if the mismatch is extreme.  .
  2. Shape matching.  Depending on the look you want to achieve, you will need to either choose stones that match what you have, giving you a traditional kind of look.  On the other hand if you chose stones that do not match, then you can achieve a more modern look.  If you like a traditional style wedding ring enhancer, then you would match shapes between solitaire and ring wrap or guard.  If you like a modern and funky look, then you can intermarry different shapes, colors or sizes.
  3. Metal types.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to picking metal colors for your wedding ring enhancer.  If you choose to mix metals (platinum next to gold), you might have different wear for each ring.  Also, getting repairs done such as sizing and adjustments might be a challenge if they are different metals. But there is no rule that says you can't match platinum ring guards to a white gold ring guard, etc.  It's also a great way to get a two tone look.  You would simply add a white gold ring guard to a yellow gold solitaire, giving the appearance of a two tone bridal set.
  4. Soldering.  If you wear your ring enhancer as a wedding ring or anniversary ring, meaning that you wear it every day with your solitaire engagement ring, then you may want to consider soldering the two rings together.  It makes it easier for the rings to stay together and to stop turning.
  5. Colored Stones  Another huge factor to keep in mind when looking at enhancers is the colored stone option.  A major trend in jewelry is sentimental colored stones.  You can match your solitaire with a gemstone ring guard because you like the look or because you want to represent something special like a birthstone.  Also, the added benefit is the money savings in buying gemstones versus diamonds.