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Three Stone Enhancer

A three stone enhancer is an enhancer that takes a solitaire and turn it into a three stone ring.  There are many variations on three stone rings and three stone ring enhancers.  If you have a solitaire and would like to convert it to a three stone ring, then you simply need to choose a ring guard wrap.  Within the realm of the solitaire ring wraps, there is much variation to chose from. The way to achieve variations in your bridal wardrobe is to first determine the type of solitaire you have.  If you have anything other than a traditional, meaning a cathedral engagement ring or a ring with side stones, then you will not be able to wear a wedding ring snuggie.  Photos below show traditional solitaires: Traditional Princess Solitaire Traditional Round Solitaire Once you determine that you have one of they styles above, you can create the solitaire enhancer of your dreams by adding any of our three stone style ring wraps.  If you want a graduated look, then you would choose a wedding ring enhancer that has smaller stones that your solitaire center stone like the sample below.   Three Stone Ring Guard Enhancer You can also select the same size side stones as your center stone which would create more of a three stone band rather than three stone engagement ring look.  What to choose is a matter of taste and budget.  If you prefer a more prominent center so that the three stone look is clear, then the standard would be for the side stones to be 1.5 to 1.25 times smaller than the side stones.  For example, if your center stone is 1 carat, then the sides would be either .25 or .50 carats.  If you center stone is .75, traditionally you would choose .30 or .25 side stones.  Again, these are just commonly accepted standards, but there is no right and wrong answer.  If you chose not to use graduated stones, then all three stones would be the same size. You can also create variation by adding different side stones shapes to a traditional round stone or vice versa.  Samples can be seen below, all three ring guard wraps are the same, but photographed with a different center stone.  All three create completely different three stone looks using the same ring wrap. Princess Marquise Ring Wrap Enhancer Round & Princess Cut Solitaire Ring Jacket Set Princess Cut Three Stone Ring Wrap Guard