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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Egyptian jewelry is believed by many as the genesis period for the present state of jewelry.  In this period jewelry manufacturing evolved into an occupation where artistic manner and abilities resulted creating an endless array of styles and ornamentations.  Craftsmen began to develop artistic techniques and an ever growing array of readily available materials in the ongoing evolution of jewelry.  Amulets and talismans were the main inspirations that drove to the continuing growth of jewelry.   The greatest characteristic of Egyptian jewelry was metal and gemstone color variations.  Due to gold’s prominent accessibility and it malleable nature given to ease of design, it was the primary metal used.  Since color was considered very important gemstones such as diamonds were used infrequently due to the fact they did not exhibit the color and imagery of other gemstones.  In the Egyptian culture every gemstone possessed certain mystical powers which would be acquired by the owner when worn as jewelry.  The Egyptian scarab was considered an extremely important facet in the Egyptian jewelry history and possessed certain powers as well.