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Moissanite is a gemstone born from the stars.

Natural Moissanite is incredibly rare, so Moissanite available today is laboratory-created. Moissanite is less expensive per carat than many other gemstones.

Moissanite is a 9.25 on the Moh’s scale, so it is suitable for everyday wear. Moissanites exhibit a different kind of brilliance than diamonds do, as their faceting pattern is different.

The fiery, rainbow flashes emitted by moissanites are beloved by some, but others complain that moissanite’sheightened brilliance can create a “disco ball” effect, especially in sunlight. The bigger the moissanite, the more likely it is that the difference will be noticeable.

Forever Brillant Moissanite

At TwoBirch, we have standardized Forever Brilliant Moissanite as our quality. Forever Brilliant Moissanite is one of the premium brands of Moissanite from Charles & Colvard.

These are ideal for anyone who wants a stone with superior visual appeal that out sparkles and outshines all therest,which is why they are called Forever Brilliant.

Please note that this can be changed upon request.
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