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Palladium Jewelry

Palladium wedding rings have become widely available only in the last few years. This is due to a sharp drop in price as compared to platinum.  Palladium has a weight close to silver and palladium’s color has a brighter whiter shine than either platinum or white gold.  Due to its weight palladium is harder than white gold, and stands up to abuse, scuffs and scrapes, and again as mentioned previously holds a terrific shine.  As with platinum, palladium is also hypoallergenic.  Palladium is much less expensive that either gold or platinum.  Palladium and platinum are very similar, while palladium makes it easier for the jeweler to work with.  Palladium is used as an alloy for its ability to create white gold without nickel.  Some people can be allergic to nickel, which can be eliminated using palladium as an alloy.